Amphibians are in serious decline all over the world. The principle cause of this decline is the destruction of their habitat due to development and resource extraction.

They require forests with wet areas and ponds. they cannot survive in clear cut areas. They can survive in urban areas if given forest cover, ponds and logs or rotting wood.
If you have a garden, a wooded area,or a pond you can provide Habitat for Amphibians.

Their preferred habitat is large logs, rotting wood, and/or bark slabs.

An example of a man-made habitat
Review these articles (in PDF format for ease of printing too) to learn how you can build a simple, attractive pond that will assist in the saving of these important species.
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A Forest History with a Clear Cut
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You can find other sites with good information on the web, but be sure to view sites which apply to our climate, and refer to frog ponds, not fish ponds.  Some sites, from other areas, may suggest water which is too shallow, or sides that are too steep, for our species.
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